Cave Deco: Ryan Browning at ADA Gallery

Cave Deco: Ryan Browning at ADA Gallery

As I passed by the enormous side window of Richmond’s ADA Gallery, three miniscule paintings, no more than 6 by 8 inches, managed to quicken my pace to the entrance. Cartoonish, yet painterly, with bold color and playful style, these three were just a foretaste of...

Blue Hour: Photography at Candela Gallery

Blue Hour: Photography at Candela Gallery

Alfred Stieglitz once remarked, "where there is light, one can photograph". The quote is a helpful reminder for photographers, artists, and living human beings as the days shorten too quickly and the final decisive blow of daylight "savings" time ends. In a stroke, we...

Extra in the Ordinary: Jennifer Small at Shockoe Artspace

Extra in the Ordinary: Jennifer Small at Shockoe Artspace

In the moments before Jennifer Small’s artist talk for her exhibition Extra in the Ordinary, a friend mused to me, "This show is for folks who really like paintings." I can certainly relate to that sentiment. After all, punchy color, roller-coaster levels of movement,...



In response to Richard Haley’s exhibition at Shockoe Artspace, Inhabiting the Space Underneath the Skin: Things to Do In between Sleeping and Making Breathing a Voluntary Activity. Works 2003-2021 Richard Haley has been making art with and about his working body for...

Crafted Cohesion: Chuck Scalin at the Highpoint

Crafted Cohesion: Chuck Scalin at the Highpoint

For a mid-sized city, Richmond contains an impressive variety of art repositories. We have our towering institutions, enduring commercial spaces, non-profits, pop-ups, and start-up ventures. One token of the city’s growing cultural ecosystem is the Blackburn Gallery...

The Builder Receives Festival Laurels

On September 7, the Art is Alive Film Festival named Shockoe Artspace’s documentary, The Builder, winner of Best Special Interest Film at the 2020 Art is Alive Film Festival. The award recognizes excellence in storytelling, cinematography and editing. A varied field...

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Our Contributors

Sam Bantly Taylor

Sam is a painter, writer, and curator living in Richmond, Virginia.

Ryan Lauterio

Ryan is a painter and educator working in Richmond, Virginia. 

Nikki Painter

Nikki is a Richmond-based painter. Her work has been featured in several galleries and shows throughout the region. 

Garreth Blackwell, PhD

Garreth Blackwell is a designer and a strategist. He is currently an assistant professor at the VCUarts Center for the Creative Economy where he teaches courses in design thinking, innovation and creativity. He has taught design (in its many forms) for more than a decade. When not teaching, Garreth operates Wide Open Air Consulting & Design, a design firm focused on service to customers and clear communication. His clients range from small businesses to international corporations.

He is the co-author of Design Your Own Magazine, a book that deconstructs the process of magazine design into 15 simple steps. He is the co-editor of The Roads of Broken Dreams, the Robert Kennedy Award winning publication about the shrinking communities of the Mississippi Delta. 

Blackwell holds a PhD in Media, Art and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University where his dissertation focused on the changing definitions of goodness and social value within modern design. Blackwell also holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Mississippi where his research focused on entrepreneurial media production.

Nicholas Seitz

Nick is a photographer and videographer based in Richmond, Virginia. 

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Josh Williams is an illustrator, painter, and UX designer living in Richmond, Virginia.