Shockoe Artspace Summer Institute: Art
Summer 2020

Shockoe Artspace Studios

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About the Summer Institute

No matter where you may find yourself in your career — student, early career professional, experienced practitioner or simply wanting to know more — the Shockoe Artspace Summer Institute is about focused time to improve your skills and abilities. With a foundation rooted in how to see well and make better, the 8-week Summer Instititue works with painters, illustrators and designers to become practitioners who can sustainably build culture through their work for years to come.

The Shockoe Artspace Summer Institute is led by Director and Curator Ryan Lauterio and Design Director Dr. Garreth Blackwell and will include artist talks, studio visits and portfolio reviews.

The culmination of the eight-week program will be a group show in which participants will be able to showcase the work they have done through direct instruction or personal development during the program.

Ryan has been a contemporary painter for over 20 years and Garreth has owned his own design firm for 12 years. Their combined experience allows for a holistic view of art and design and the ways in which these two spheres overlap, intersect and inform each other.

The art track will focus on creative work in painting, printmaking, drawing and illustration. With more than two decades of art practice and education experience, Ryan Lauterio will guide students through the practical application of seeing well and making better. Ryan’s unique teaching style couples thinking and making in ways that draw out new ways for participants to see their work as they create it and as it lives in the world. 

The Summer Institute is modeled after a graduate-level studio course. Participants should expect intensive interaction with their peers and instructors during the Summer Institute with the expectation of a high level of personal drive and follow through. Participants should be self starters capable of confidently exploring new methods, areas and directions under the instruction of expert makers.