Dignified: Living with Alzheimer’s
featuring the works of Patterson Lawson

published by Shockoe Artspace

About the Catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue
Text by Ryan Lauterio, Garreth C. Blackwell, Ph.D. and Patterson Lawson
Published 2019
64p, color, hardcover, 10 x 8 inches
ISBN: 9780464544166

($59.95 including shipping cost and sales tax)

Art plays a powerful role in keeping human dignity and worth at the forefront of our considerations and reflections. This work by Pat Lawson aptly titled Dignified is a declaration of sorts, imploring all to look deeply and think carefully about the images of real people set before us. Each large-scale high-definition photograph of a person living with Alzheimer’s disease deftly communicates an intrinsic dignity that is not lost due to the devastating effects of disease on the body, soul and mind. Even though so much is lost, dignity persists at the core. Moreover, this focused project dually raises awareness about the rise of Alzheimer’s and how we all might in one way or another suffer its effects, a truth felt most deeply by those directly impacted by this disease.

Pat Lawson’s passionate focus and dedication to such a large scaled project, brings anyone who sees it closely into the images, words and lives of thirty persons living with Alzheimer’s with a care for each subject mirrored in the mastery of each photograph. Shockoe Artspace was honored to curate this timely exhibition that showcases the important role artists and makers can have in the making of culture, caring for society and representing those that are often lost and marginalized. We are also proud to host the first major solo exhibition–detailed in this exhibition catalogue–of a great emerging artist, Patterson Lawson and to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association, which marks a milestone in the mission of the gallery. Our current work together signals a spark of hope for a future working together to support what ought to matter more to us all.

In closing, this exhibition catalogue invites you to be brought close to and personally into the deep truth we all know, but often forget- that regardless of change, humans of all kinds are deeply and enduringly valuable in an unshakeable way and art has the power to shout this fact in the most resounding of ways.

excerpts from Dignified: Living with Alzheimer’s

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